Readings and Therapies

Here are the details of our lovely Readers who work regularly in the store. Click on the Reader’s photo or the link underneath for their information.

Teagan Craig – Runic Reader and Reiki Healing

Teagan offers Runic Readings using the ancient Elder Futhark wisdom passed down to her by Jeremy White, a highly respected Runic Master and Nordic Shaman. Runes are an ancient form of divination using a sacred alphabet from the Germanic and Nordic people. . She has combined this knowledge with her established practice and is now offering a warm and down to earth Runic Divination. She utilizes her ability and insight to offer help and guidance on life’s many challenges such as relationship, confusion with self and destiny, life’s changes, difficult decisions and understanding your role. Teagan uses the Runes to seek guidance and focus on the reasons and actions needed to be taken. Her natural empathy and compassion makes each reading a unique and personal experience designed to empower your life.

As well as readings, Teagan can also help you with Reiki Healing and Tibetan Head and Shoulder massage. Tibetan Head Massage is a much more gentle massage compared to the more well known Indian Head Massage. But just as beneficial. A Treat!!!

Sessions are for 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Longer sessions by request.

For more information on readings or healings and availability, call us on 01458 832420.

Jenny Ann – Clairvoyant Reader and Medium

Jenny Ann’s awareness of the world of Spirit was evident from her early childhood. Her Romany and Masonic family connections have all helped her understand much of her spiritual pathway and many of her life’s
experiences that she has encountered, which have eventually brought her to work as a Clairvoyant Medium.

Using both her commercial and spiritual training, her teaching is designed to help you on your spiritual path of personal awareness and development. Her readings enable you to help enhance your own spiritual gifts and to move you forward on your chosen pathway.

Based in Yin Yang in Glastonbury for readings/sittings, Jenny Ann as a Spiritual Healer, Melody Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master will often combine healing with readings in her sessions. Jenny Ann has a passion for sharing her gift with others. She enjoys helping others connect with their own psychic and mediumistic abilities. Jenny Ann conducts her readings with an open heart and is able to intuitively and compassionately connect with Spirit in her sessions. Due to the love energy, in which Jenny Ann is centred at all times during her readings, there is no need to feel fear or apprehension. All communication, with Spirit and with her clients, is guided with the utmost respect, compassion and love.

Readings can be for 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
Healing sessions are for 30 minutes or an hour.
Clairvoyant messages are often included within the healing!

For more information on readings or healings and availability, call us on 01458 832420.


Patrick Gamble – Psychic Artist & Reader

Psychic Artist Patrick Gamble is a builder by trade who first encountered spirit during a life-changing

 experience, many years ago when, as a non-believer in the spiritual world, he first met his own spirit guide. Patrick’s guide, known simply as John, was an undiscovered artist who lived in London sometime in the 1800’s. 

Patrick receives messages from spirit in the form of pictures. The visions he is shown all come with specific messages and energies, which are brought through into our physical world to help and guide us on our own spiritual paths. Patrick’s gift acts as a bridge to help us receive comfort and inspiration from spirit. At Yin Yang, Once a month, private ‘one to one’ sittings for people, during which he paints whichever spirit guide or relative comes through for the sitter. The sessions are concluded with a clairvoyant reading through his spirit oracle cards..

Sittings take an hour of your time. During this hour Pactrick will paint your Guide, which you get to take home with you, and give you a Clairvoyant reading. Half hour readings or Guide painting only sittings are available on request.

For more information on dates and availability, call us on 01458 832420.