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Yin Yang is located in the world famous town of Glastonbury, home to sacred sites such as the Tor, Glastonbury Abbey and the Chalice Well Gardens.

At Yin Yang, you can find an array of amazing artefacts from all over the world with spiritual and religious significance. In fact the Yin Yang shop has been likened to a museum by many visitors who are enthralled by its peaceful atmosphere and incredible range of products.

It is also known to be one of the leading stockists of authentic Native American jewellery in the world, as well as presenting original handmade kachinas, prayer fans, flutes and drums.

Yin Yang also stocks unique Buddhas, Fairies, Dragons and Crystals and is famous for its jewellery collection including Sacred Geometry; Mermaids, Goddesses and Bears carved from fossilized mammoth tusk; the highest grade gemstone jewellery including Sugalite, Moldavite, Rainbow Moonstone and Larimar; Dragon pendants and pendulums and an amazing collection of Crystal Skulls!

As well as presenting a unique shopping experience, we also host talented and gifted psychics who conduct sessions at Yin Yang including Rune, Tarot, Clairvoyant and Coffee Readings.

If you are looking for a warm welcome, a tranquil atmosphere and an unforgettable experience, then Yin Yang is the place for you!

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