YinYang of Glastonbury A special shop for growing souls Things Tibetan, Egyptian and Native American

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Magic items from around the world or connected with other dimensions

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Welcome to our shop in Glastonbury - and if you cannot come, find what you need on this site!
Crystals and gemstones

YinYang of Glastonbury     

Ancient Principles - Beautiful Solutions      


Imagery, light and incense       
for special moments and spiritual practice

Beautify or clear the space in your home
Feng Shui enhancements Candles

Beautiful crystals, gemstones and     
enhancements to grace your home      
stunning jewellery for discerning Goddesses      
meditative aids, shamanic tools and drums

Readings, healing and visiting spiritual teachers         


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Jewellery - Shankari and South Western Collection Jewelry
Statues, Buddhas, Ganesh, Kuan Yin
Inspiring books and CDs








Feng Shui

Books & CDs

Native American

Fairies & Angels

Fairies, angels and dragons

YinYang of Glastonbury, 10 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU, UK. Tel/fax: +44 (0)1458-832420. E-mail: info@yinyang.org


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